With memory loss, we understand what remains is far more important than what is lost. That is why we use customized, industry leading reminiscence tools to record each resident’s unique life story. We capture a lasting legacy of details directly applied to programming to maintain a sense of purpose, satisfaction, dignity and quality of life for all residents. This focus on each resident’s unique remaining abilities is the spirit, heart and soul of Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program®


Gardens of Germantown is proud to offer Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program®. Gain an inside perspective on the effects of Agitation, Bathing, Communication, Exercise, Hallucinations, Rummaging, Sundowning and Wandering in the videos below.

Agitation – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Bathing – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Communication – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Exercise – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Hallucinations – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Rummaging – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Sundowning – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Wandering – Heartfelt CONNECTIONS

Devoted Team

Our team passionately devotes each day to life-affirming activities, enriching the lives of residents entrusted to our care. Strong principles guide everything we do.

  • We view aging as a natural process-life stories to be continued.
  • We believe what remains is far more important than what is lost.
  • We focus on each resident’s unique remaining abilities.
  • We embrace and celebrate everything our residents do.
  • We create success stories, one small victory at a time.

Person-Centered Care

Research suggests that unconsciously we require three things to feel normal. So Heartfelt CONNECTIONS embraces those three Personal Life Requirements.

Personal Care

Even little things like getting dressed, washing our face, combing and styling our hair play a big role in self-esteem. And those simple, but critical activities are part of daily life here.

Personal Productivity

We all have a basic desire to feel productive – like we’re making contributions to our corner of the world. Each day we keep residents busy in active pursuits that make a difference and are based on their current abilities. Whether they are baking, gardening, painting or simply writing a letter, they can enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Personal Leisure

What’s that saying about all work and no play? Well it applies here. To ward of dull days, we encourage all residents to engage in leisure activities they have always loved – from puzzles or cards to walking, reading or just soaking up the sun. We learn what makes each resident feel relaxed and create the environment to make it happen.